Getting on to the Irish Property ladder

The thought of actually owning a home can sometimes intimidate and intoxicate first time buyers. Undoubtedly, the idea alone is exciting, but there are many legal procedures that have to be understood. Moreover, you have to find mortgage lenders and reliable real estate agents. It is no wonder that first time buyers are worried things could get too complicated, the more that we are talking in the expensive terms of Irish Property.

Nonetheless, worries need not be exacerbated there will always be means of facilitating commencing steps on to the property ladder. You only need to consider your priorities. With Irish Property – and with any other kind of property, as a matter of fact – the most demanding aspect is the finding of affordable and convenient mortgage terms. The point is that moving on to the property ladder is always associated with increased expenses and that’s a point well taken First Time Buyer Ireland couples or singles need to be aware that getting on to the property ladder means advancing from low-cost housing to more expensive housing conditions.

Regularly, First Time Buyer Ireland couples will find mortgage lenders willing to offer them about two times and a half the sum of their wages put together. On the other hand, First Time Buyer Ireland singles could obtain lends reaching up to three times their current wages. However, it is easier to estimate the sum you could borrow if you think that generally it reaches about 90% of the total value; this means that you will need to cover for the other 10% in order to complete the whole sum.

Of course, this happens if you don’t qualify for a 100% mortgage. If you want to obtain a mortgage in such conditions, you need to bring proof that you want to buy Irish Property to live in. Moreover, lenders will not agree with 100% mortgages if the type of Irish Property you want to buy is a 1 bed apartment or a studio. Also, you need to bring proof that you’ve been working for at least 3 years with the same employer; in other words, lenders will need some evidence of your financial dependability and that can only be ascertained if you have secured a reliable job position. To what concerns the mortgage term for this type of loan, the maximum loan interval can reach 35 years.

On the other hand, even if you qualify for 100% mortgages, opting for a mortgage where you can make an initial partial payment has several advantages. Keep in mind that you are a First Time Buyer Ireland individualcouple and that the bigger you can make your deposit, the lower the mortgage costs. This should be a fairly attractive advantage for first time buyers. Of course, 100% mortgages offer to practically thousands of people the chance of buying a first home in the situation where this would have been utterly impossible for them, no matter how small the deposit they needed to make. However, full mortgage loans bring about higher sums that need to be borrowed. This means that interest rates are very likely to be higher.

Undoubtedly, you will find advantages in any mortgage loan you can acquire. In the end, the point is that you need to make an accurate assessment of your monthly income as compared to your monthly expenses and estimate as precisely as possible how much you could use to cover mortgage rates. Also, consider one additional aspect there will be legal and administration fees to cover. Of course, significant supplementary costs will be given by the actual expenses of moving think only about the furnishings for your first home and the whole issue will set you on planning carefully your budget.

What you need to keep mind is that, no matter how difficult it may seem to move up the property ladder, there will always be ways of making the whole process easier. You need to keep a positive thought on the procedures and start it all with courage and patience.

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